PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the safety of all children, please do not send nuts or foods containing nuts to school with your child, as nut allergies are quite prevalent.

School canteen operates on Monday, Wednesday & Friday to provide nutritious lunches for students.  A price list is available from the foyer noticeboard or can be downloaded below. 

To order please write the child's name, class, order on a paper bag and enclose, if possible, the correct money.  The child places this in the class lunch order box prior to 9am. 

The canteen is staffed on a voluntary basis by parents. A co-ordinator is paid to order and prepare for the volunteers.   Please let us know if you can help - weekly, fortnightly, monthly, once per term, emergency etc.

Brain Food - It is an expectation that every student has a water bottle (filled only with water) and that it be available on their desk during the school day. 

Students have a "Brain Food" snack during class each day.  It must be something that is healthy and able to be eaten at their desk with minimal mess eg piece of fruit, popcorn, dried fruit etc.  Snacks can be purchased from front reception each morning before school.