Our Story

A Snapshot

St Paul’s School opened in September 1974 with 180 students and was to become the second catholic school belonging to St Anne & Joachim’s Catholic Parish, formerly known as the Sacred Heart Parish. It was supported by the Sisters of Mercy and lay teachers.

We have a current enrolment of 280 students. St Paul’s currently operates 15 classes consisting of straight and composite groupings. Our student population is drawn from a wide range of multicultural backgrounds. Our school is the most multicultural in our zone with Italian, Jordanian, Samoan, Tongan, Indian, Greek, Egyptian, Korean, Irish, New Zealander, Filipino, Thai, UAE, Vietnamese, Afghani and Indigenous students.  Our school is also experiencing a significant increase in the number of students eligible for special needs funding. St Paul’s School draws its enrolments primarily from the surrounding rural and city area. The school is situated at 716 Fourteenth Street adjacent to new housing subdivisions (formerly fruit blocks). This growth will see our enrolments continue to grow. We also draw several students from N.S.W. and Irymple.
There are two Catholic Schools in St Anne & Joachim’s Catholic Parish. Sacred Heart School and St Paul’s accept Catholic and non-Catholic enrolments who express a desire to be part of a Catholic School Community. Zoning regulations are in place which each school follow. More information can be found in Enrolments.
St Paul’s provides opportunities for the children to discover God’s presence in their daily lives. Within an environment that is Gospel focused, the children are challenged and supported to make connections to their world through the view of Scripture and the faith filled traditions of the Catholic Church.
St Paul’s has a close connection with St Anne & St Joachim Catholic Parish, regularly engaging in parish events, whole school and class masses as well as developing a sense of social justice through a number of initiatives supporting Catholic Missions locally and globally.
Our staff are highly qualified and are committed to developing and implementing innovative teaching practices that provide the children with the necessary life skills to live in a contemporary world.  We provide support for all our children with a key focus on Well-being. We have a Pastoral Care worker as well as other supports in place to ensure that our children’s needs are met both socially, academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
We underpin our Curriculum with the AWAKENINGS document of Religious Education as well as the principles of PLC (Professional Learning Community) and SWPBS (School Wide Positive Behaviour Support).