Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Our school community works together in love, to collaboratively educate all our children to high levels, inspired by Christ and our Catholic Faith & Tradition.

Mission Statement

We will:

  • Be guided by St Paul our patron, as part of our parish community, upholding the values of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Faith, and its traditions
    (Catholic School Culture)
  • Work collaboratively to educate the whole child to a high standard inspiring ALL to achieve as successful, life-long learners in an ever-changing world.
    (Learning & Teaching
  • Provide a Child Safe School and an inclusive and nurturing environment that caters for the uniqueness of all while building positive relationships
  • Be educators who effectively communicate and collaborate to build a positive culture among our school community with direction and leadership.
    (Leadership & Stewardship)
  • Work in partnership with families, parish, diocesan and the local communities to enhance St Paul’s catholic identity.
     (Community Engagement)