At St Paul’s we teach Mathematics using Origo’s Stepping Stones program from Grades 1 - 6. Foundations will work slightly differently with a larger amount of time spent on counting and reading, writing, and ordering numbers.

 The Stepping Stones program ensures that every resource, solution and service that is provided is based on research.  Origo Stepping Stones uses a range of the ten most effective influences, according to Hattie, relating to student achievement including - Spaced Practice, Piagetian approach to teaching concepts and skills, development of mathematical language and vocabulary and classroom discourse. 

Mathematics lessons are scheduled for one hour each day and are taught in grade level groupings. There will be 2 classes per Grade level across the school, which will form mathematics teaching pairs. 


 Example of a Maths lesson

5 minutes

Daily Review - this includes examples found in the check ups, mathematical language, revision of tasks in previous modules etc…

5 minutes

Mental computation, fluency of basic facts or counting

15 minutes

Explicit stepping stones lesson - “Starting and Teaching the Lesson Part of Stepping Stones”

25 minutes

 Independent practice, small group work - this may include differentiation (extra help pages), ongoing practice or extension

10 minutes

Reflection & pack up